PALMITAS- Hand clapping game for babies

I have mentioned before that my mother loved children. She doted on her daughters, her nephews and nieces and  most of all her grandchildren. She played many games, and sang many songs to them. I also sing her songs and play the same games with my grandchildren. 

The other day I was playing with one of my grandchildren. The child was on my lap and I was clapping his little hands together when a little rhyme my mother used to sing came into my mind. I had forgotten all about it, yet there it was. It was as if Mamina were whispering in my ear!

You can tell from the words used, that it is a very old song:


Palmitas de manteca, para Papa que da pesetas,
Palmitas de cebada, para Mama que no da nada,
Palmitas y palmones, para la Abuela (o abuelo) que da doblones 

You can substitue other names for Papa, Mama y Abuela. Maybe it is "Tia que da pesetas"


Palmitas: the palms of the hands are "palmas", "palmitas" makes it a diminutive. Clapping small hands together, or little hand claps. 

Little hand claps made of butter, for Father who gives money

Little hand claps of barley, for Mother who gives nothing (*)
Little hand claps and big hand claps for Grandfather who gives doubloons (or gold coins)

(*) How preposterous to say that "Mother gives nothing"!  Children's songs are crazy sometimes.

Here is a short video, with my sweet little granddaughter. 

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